Monday, February 21, 2005

Feb. 2005 City Manager Position Opening

The City of Seldovia, Alaska, a First Class city on Kachemak Bay is soliciting applicants for the position of City Manager.

Candidates are sought who possess municipal management experience as a City Manager or City Administrator with an emphasis on basic city services and civil project management. The position requires management ability in police, fire, public works, utilities, harbor/docks, personnel relations, union relations, grant identification and writing, and finance.

Candidates should hold a B.A. degree in public or business administration or related field, or the equivalent in experience as well as strong oral and written communication skills. Relocation to within the City is required.

Salary range: $45,000-$55,000 D.O.Q.

Please contact the City Office for more information at:
(907)234-7643 phone email