Sunday, September 04, 2005

Resolution 06-01, Notice of Election



1. The regular annual election of council members will be held on the First Tuesday of October, that is, October 4, 2005 to elect:

one (1) Mayor for a three year term,
two (2) Council members, each for a three-year term,
one (1) council member for a one year term

2. There will be one precinct, the boundaries of which are identical with the boundaries of the City of Seldovia.

3. The polling place will be the Multi-Purpose Room of the Library Building, Seldovia, Alaska.

4. The polls will be open from seven o’clock (7:00) in the morning until eight o’clock (8:00) in the evening, Alaska Standard Time.

5. Persons desiring to file a Declaration of Candidacy shall do so as provided in the Seldovia City Code Sec. 2.32.060 which forms are available at the City Office. Such declaration shall be filed at the City Office not later than five o’clock in the afternoon of the 30th day preceding the election. The person so filing must sign a statement accepting the nomination and agreeing to serve if elected; such statement shall be part of the declaration.

6. Any person is qualified to vote who:

(A) is a United States citizen who is qualified to vote in state elections;
(B) has resided within the Municipality the thirty (30) days prior to the election;
(C) is a registered voter with the State of Alaska;
(D) is not a disqualified voter under Article V of the State Constitution.

7. Any person who believes that he will unavoidably be absent from the City on election day, or will be unable to come to the polls due to physical disability, or if he (she) believes he (she) will be unable to be present at the polls because of the physical inaccessibility of the polling place causing undue travel expense, hardship or hazard to the voter, may apply to the City Clerk in person from September 14, 2005 until five o’clock (5:00) in the afternoon on the day preceding the election, that is October 03, 2005. Letter application must state that the applicant meets all the qualifications stated in paragraph six and must also give place of residence within the City of Seldovia and the mailing address. A personal representative must present this information also in order to obtain a ballot for a voter.

PASSED AND APPROVED by the Council of the City of Seldovia this 27 day of July 2005.


Ronda Haynes, Clerk/Treasurer Richard Wyland, Mayor