Friday, January 07, 2005



The Mayor of the City of Seldovia is accepting letters of interest from community members interested in volunteering to serve as Seldovia’s representative on the Prince William Sound Regional Citizens’ Advisory Board of Directors

The City of Seldovia would be served best by a representative who:
• Understands his/her community, its needs, concerns and perspectives;
• Has a rudimentary familiarity with oil transportation issues;
• Has a home and work schedule flexible enough to allow travel;
• Is committed to our mission of promoting, environmentally safe operation of the Alyeska Terminal and associated tankers; and
• Seeks opportunities to faster cooperative relationships with citizens, industry and regulatory agencies

Letters of interest will be accepted by the Mayor of the City of Seldovia through January 25, 2005

City of Seldovia
Drawer B
Seldovia, Ak 99663
(907) 234-7643

Please note that this is a two year term beginning in March. There is no compensation but travel and other expenses are paid.