Monday, December 27, 2004

Jan. 5, Planning Commission Meeting

Update: Meeting Cancelled 1-5-04

The Agenda for the Seldovia Planning Commission
Regular Meeting Agenda
Multi-purpose Room
January 5, 2005
7:00 PM

A. Call to order; Chissus, Carluccio, Hopkins, Sweatt, Wheeler

B. Roll Call;

C. Approval of the Agenda;

D. Approval of Minutes; Regular Meeting of May 5, 2004

E. Public Comments Regarding Items on the Agenda;

F. Public Hearings, Prior Notice; None

G. Consideration of Site Plans;
1. Linwood Building Permit

H. Committee Business:
1. Member's Terms of Office
2. Vice-Chair Election

I. Staff Report;

J. Borough Report;

K. Informational Items;

L. Comments of the Audience;

M. Comments of the Committee;

N. Next Meeting February 2, 2005;

O. Adjournment;

*If you require special Assistance to attend the meeting, please notify the City Office 24 hours in advance and arrangements will be made.*