Saturday, November 13, 2004

Nov. 18 - Special Council Meeting

Agenda for a Special Meeting of Seldovia City Council
Multi-purpose Room
November 18, 2004, 7:30 PM

A. Call to Order & Roll Call;

B. Pledge of Allegiance;

C. Excused Absences;

D. Agenda Approval

E. Approval of Minutes;
  1. Minutes of November 10, 2004 Regular City Council Meeting

F. Treasurer's Report; (the second regular meeting of the month)

G. Ordinance Introduction; None

H. Proclamations; None

I. Public Presentation Prior Notice; None

J. Public Presentation for Items not on Agenda;

K. Committee and Advisory Board Reports;

L. Old Business;
  1. Cannery Cleanup
  2. Harbor Project
  3. Cannery Dock

M. New Business;

N. Informational Items Not Requiring Actions;

O. City Manager's Report;

P. Manager, Council and Mayor Comments Concerning Items Not on the Agenda;

Q. Next Meeting: November 24, 2004, Regular Council Meeting

R. Adjournment;